“13 Health Benefits of Kerson Fruit”

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Kerson Fruit or Muntingia calabura is a fast growing tree that has a cherry like fruit with multiple health benefits: Such as lowering blood sugar, preventing cancer, promoting cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure, and blocking pain… just to name a few.

Kerson Fruit

Where it Grows – Kerson trees grows in Mexico, the Caribbean, Asia, Indonesia, South America, Japan, Philippines, China, India, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic and many other places. It’s also known in the states as Strawberry Tree, Panama berry, Jamaican cherry, Bajelly tree and Singapore cherry… and in Spanish it’s called bolania, memizo, and yamanza,

Taste – The Kerson cherry has a tart cherry like flavor.

Antibacterial – The Kerson cherry contains many powerful antibacterial compounds, making it a new source of antibacterial agents, And it’s especially good for treating Staph infections, S. Epidemidis, P. vulgaris, K. Rhizophil, C. Diptheriae and other bacteria. This is important when we have so many antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Gout – Over the centuries many countries used Kerson Fruit to stop the pain associated with gout. Consuming 9 to 12 of the cherries three times a day seems to work well for treating the pain.

Diabetes – Kerson Fruit also lowers blood sugar thus making it great for those who are diabetic.

Vitamin C – The fruit contains a good amount of Vitamin C a potent antioxidant that helps to fight off colds, flues, and even cardiovascular disease. 100 grams of fruit yields 150 mgs of Vitamin C.

Pain Blocker – Kerson leaves made into tea are great for pain because they block pain receptors… a good antinociceptive agent similar to opiates.

Cardiovascular Protection – The leaves made into tea protect the heart from heart attacks, because the leaves contain antioxidants that prevent inflammation which leads to myocardial infarction.

Cancer – The leaves have been studied and show great anticancer abilities and may be used more extensively in the future for treating cancer… more research to be done.

Anti-inflammatory – The leaves can be used as tea for treating inflammation and swelling and for lowering fevers.

Lowers Blood Pressure – Tea made of the leaves lowers blood pressure because it contains nitric oxide which relaxes blood vessels thus improving blood flow.

Headaches – Eating the fruit and drinking tea made of the leaves works great for getting rid of headaches.

Antioxidant – Kerson Fruit and leaves contain lots of antioxidants in fact over 24 flavonoid and phenolic compounds like that found in green tea… plus saponin compounds.

Contains – Kerson Fruit contain fiber, water, carbs, protein for strong muscles, calcium and phosphorus for strong bones, iron for anemia, and B-Vitamins for vitality and good mood.

Flowers – The flowers boiled for tea are a good antiseptic agent for skin wounds and also works well for treating abdominal cramps.

Forms and Finding – Kerson Fruit can be found fresh at Asian and Latin Markets (Check the other names for the fruit), in jams and jellies, and in liquid form for medicinal purposes on-line.

Other Uses – The tree is fast growing and can be used for light duty projects… also the bark makes great rope.

Do you know someone with a Kerson Tree? The leaves may be very valuable for making tea… and not many people are marketing the fruit and the leaves.


Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist






Feel Free to Share – This information is meant to get you started… so you can do more research on your own… dig a little deeper and find what works for you. This article is for educational purposes only, I strongly recommend that you seek advice from your own GP, private doctor, or medical specialist for any ailment, illness, or medical condition.. this article not meant to be a scientific analysis in any way, shape, or form.

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Kerson Fruit or Aratilis in Tagalog


Kerson Fruit or Aratilis in Filipino is mostly found in Asia or places which has almost the same type of weather or climate. This fruit bearing trees are scattered along the streets of provinces in Cambodia. As I have read, this fruit has multiple health benefits. It lowers blood sugar. It can prevents cancer. It simply promotes our health. 

This fruit contains antibacterial compounds to fight infections.


It can stop the pain from gout. Eating 9 to 12 pieces of the fruits 3 times a day will make the pain away. Although, Kerson Fruit is sweet, it can lower blood sugar which is good for those people suffering from diabetes. It contains Vitamin C to protect us from cardiovascular diseases. 

The leaves of this tree can be dried up under the sun and make into tea. It is believed that they can block the pain. It is also a good measure to prevent cancer.

I did try the tea when I had a headache. And after a few minutes I sweat then my headaches gone. It is highly recommended for you to try if you just happened to find it along the road. 

It is nice to be back to basic.

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Kill Sinus Infection in 20 Seconds With This Simple Method and This Common Household Ingredient!

Image result for Kill Sinus Infection in 20 Seconds With This Simple Method and This Common Household Ingredient!

About 37 million Americans experience sinus infection at least one a year. This is a common condition, which can cause various symptoms, from an unbearable headache to a severe fever. The sinusitis is the inflammation of the lining walls of the sinuses. Hence, if you have a chronic sinus infection, nothing seems to help. Some of the drugs even aggravate the underlying problem, while other offer only a temporary relief.

Fortunately, there are natural solutions, which will help you treat this condition and provide a relief. The following two remedies are all-natural methods, which can help you relieve the pressure caused by blocked sinuses. You can get a sinus congestion relief with an amazing trick and unbelievably effective drink.

20-Second Trick

You should push your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Then, press your thumb right between your eyebrows. You should hold the pressure for 20 seconds. So, when you release the pressure, it will stimulate the wormer bone in your nasal cavity and cause it to vibrate. This will cause your sinuses to drain into your nose and throat and give some relief. You should repeat every hour until you feel relief.

Germ-Busting Drink


  • ½ cup of clean drinking water
  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey
  • ¼ cup of unfiltered apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper
  • 1 squeezed lemon


First, boil the water. Then, pour it into a mug and add the apple cider vinegar. Stir the mixture and let it come to a room temperature. Next, add pure honey and cayenne pepper. Stir again and add the lemon juice. Finally, stir all the ingredients well. You should consume this drink at least twice daily first thing in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach and also before bedtime. You should drink it until the sinus infection is treated.

Benefits of the Ingredients

The germ-busting drink is made of some of the most powerful and nutrient-dense ingredients. For instance, lemon has numerous health benefits, including, inflammation reduction and boosting the immune system. Moreover, cayenne thins the mucus to help it drain out. On the other hand, ginger fights off viruses and bacteria and eliminates headaches. Apple cider vinegar soothes sinus and throat pain due to its antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties.


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homepagesleepinginfantKissing a baby

Babies are simply adorable. You can’t help yourself admiring them or kissing them on hands, feet, legs, arms, face and even on their lips.

But be aware whose kissing your kids especially on the lips. Specially strangers whom you didn’t know if they are carrying virus or bacteria that may infect your baby.

Just having a simple cold from people that surrounds the baby may pass it. Be aware that your baby cannot fight even the simple virus more so the bacteria coming from  such.

We must be aware that some viruses can kill babies specially when their little organs be affected by it and failed to work for them.

I am a mother and I understand the pain of losing a baby just because someone had kissed the baby with Herpes Virus and with such kind.

Take care of your baby, even you don’t want to be kissed by stranger in the minute they saw you.




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A Lot of reason why should we add cucumber in our diet.


  1. It prevents alzheimer disease. The Fisetin which improves our memory and protects our nerve cells from aging which is found in cucumber.
  2. The Lignans that may help our body to resist cancer because this property is  anti-cancer.
  3.  Cyclo-oxygenase 2,  which reduces inflammation. It helps our body to cool down.
  4. Beta Carotine is  antioxidants and also good for our heart.
  5. Multiple vitamin B, B1, B5 and B7 are vitamins that help ease the feeling of stress and anxiety.
  6. Water is needed by our body to help our organs functions well. Having enough liquids in our body suppress the symtoms of Acid Reflux.
  7. Potassium lower blood pressure. It helps control our nerve impulse and muscle contraction thus helps our heart.

Adding cucumber in our diet thus help our body to be fit and healthy.


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Broccoli – Go Healthy

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Broccoli contains sulforaphane. A substance which improves the level of blood sugar and protects blood vessels from any damage from too much sugar in our blood. It also triggers our body’s natural detox mechanism which enables our body to release some harmful chemicals.

Steaming Broccoli benefited our body in a such it can lower our cholesterol levels. It also has a substance such as Glucoraphanin, gluconasturtiian, and glucobrassicin, ingredients for detoxifying our body thus removing unwanted chemicals in our body.

So add broccoli in your diet. Stay healthy and be healthy.


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The Digestive System of Our Body

Source: The Digestive System of Our Body

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