Kerson Fruit or Aratilis in Tagalog

24 Mar


Kerson Fruit or Aratilis in Filipino is mostly found in Asia or places which has almost the same type of weather or climate. This fruit bearing trees are scattered along the streets of provinces in Cambodia. As I have read, this fruit has multiple health benefits. It lowers blood sugar. It can prevents cancer. It simply promotes our health. 

This fruit contains antibacterial compounds to fight infections.


It can stop the pain from gout. Eating 9 to 12 pieces of the fruits 3 times a day will make the pain away. Although, Kerson Fruit is sweet, it can lower blood sugar which is good for those people suffering from diabetes. It contains Vitamin C to protect us from cardiovascular diseases. 

The leaves of this tree can be dried up under the sun and make into tea. It is believed that they can block the pain. It is also a good measure to prevent cancer.

I did try the tea when I had a headache. And after a few minutes I sweat then my headaches gone. It is highly recommended for you to try if you just happened to find it along the road. 

It is nice to be back to basic.

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