21 Mar

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Babies are simply adorable. You can’t help yourself admiring them or kissing them on hands, feet, legs, arms, face and even on their lips.

But be aware whose kissing your kids especially on the lips. Specially strangers whom you didn’t know if they are carrying virus or bacteria that may infect your baby.

Just having a simple cold from people that surrounds the baby may pass it. Be aware that your baby cannot fight even the simple virus more so the bacteria coming from  such.

We must be aware that some viruses can kill babies specially when their little organs be affected by it and failed to work for them.

I am a mother and I understand the pain of losing a baby just because someone had kissed the baby with Herpes Virus and with such kind.

Take care of your baby, even you don’t want to be kissed by stranger in the minute they saw you.




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