The Danger in our Health…

30 Mar

The progress we have today from many generations that had passed, is really good.

Look how far we have gone regarding technology. From the basic needs of our homes to the needs of our economy.

Today, the changes is simply amazing. Ironically, this changes affect our health.

The effect in our environment is over whelming. The modernization and industrialization causing the ecological balance of nature be impaired. Inventions are catered to find new ways of making our lives easy.  From the house hold chores to the offices.

What is alarming about  is that no one notices how this affects our health. Moreso, some illnesses and diseases came from this inventions and are truly made by people themselves.

Air and Water Pollution

The air we breathe in from the city is already polluted. The cause of this are the smoke coming from industries, insecticide spray, vehicles, cigarettes. So many people today are reported with infections in their lungs, throat, even eyes due to polluted air.

More so, some of the water forms in some area have a chemical content which came from pesticides, herbicides, garbage from nuclear, and even petrolium from the sinking ships.

The food that fishes obtain makes them poisonous and is alarming.

In Japan, fished were poisoned due to the ship that carries mercury.  It brings out the disease called Minamata disease in which hundreds of people died.

Some water forms contain chemicals like aluminun, arsenic and lead. These chemicals are eaten by the fish that people buy in the market.

Much more, this chemicals are also found in our tootpaste, canned foods, and preserved foods. It is also found in the food that we take in everyday that causes “uric acid” in dangerous level from all ages.

Perhaps people from all walks of life must take all this in concideration.  From simple smoking which may harm a pregnant woman or children… to the  old cars and busses passing by everyday. Simple as it may. I hope they do consider how harmful it is.




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