REAL people needs REAL help.

19 Jan

REAL people needs REAL help.

Orphanage is a home for those children who has no parents, families and relatives. And it is also a home for kids who were abandoned by parents.
Being an orphan is a privilege for a kid who has no one. It is a family whom he may call his own. An orphan like any other children needs to be honed, educated and be clothed. This is where most orphanage are trying to pass through. They trying to pass through a needle hole of getting a Foster home for each child and getting someone who will sponsor their needs.
My dearest friends. They are not asking for food, nor shelter, nor clothing. What they are asking for is to learn the what we call “TALENT”. I have seen so many photographers all around the globe. I could see how they captured moments. Through their eyes, I could see the wonder of the world. And each has their own perspective. In which i cannot deny the greatness of each work.
This children in Alambe HOMES are dreamers. One of which wanted to be a photographer. In child’s eye it is a dream. But in yours, it is a reality.
10$ for me since I am Asian is a big deal. Specially for those ones who were less fortunate. And i know in your part, it will be a portion of your pocket. Am not asking for the whole wallet but instead what I am asking for is a ONE DAY to do good deeds.
JUST ONE DAY of doing good deeds.
Instead of buying coffee today share it with this children…
ONE day of doing good to this children will change dreams into reality.

Visit their WEBSITE..
Donate for JUST ONE DAY

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