Taking The Chance Again

22 Nov

Safe from the past
I’m doing okay, but not very well
No jolts, no surprises, no crisis arises
My life goes along as it should
It’s all very nice, but not very good…

Now I am ready to take good a chance again
Ready to put my love on a line with you…

Scary words but not that scary for the one who is ready to take the risk.
This is a song of someone who had found someone new and was able to move on with the unpleasantries of her life. A friend of mine just told me. How could you move on when you can’t leave someone who is behind you.
There are times we can’t cope from what had happened before. There are also times that we are afraid to face the things which is ahead of us because of what had happened before.
How can we move on when our feelings of uncertainty is hanging on the air?
I believe, you need to feel and be inlove so this uncertainty be removed.
In love there is no WTF. There are things we hope for. In the process it erases the hurt, the pain and the bitterness. Then, it feels good inside out =D

BEEEE happy =D

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