Hold on to YOUR HEART

20 Nov

HOLD on to WHAT we ARE…
In many faces of our lives, such as happiness and sadness, victory and defeat, sweet memories and bitter ones and the glory of having and all the pain of losing. We can not avoid things nor prevent them to happen. In our minds and hearts we survive because of hope.
So those of you with heavy curtain and heavy heart. PRAY and HOLD ON.
Never allow problems, vanity and bitterness change you from being sweet to vain. But let it be a strong foundation of goodness and brightness. So bring your light upon those people whom suffered like you. And bring forth happiness for those teary ones. Pray for those souls who search for the truth. And be a friend who can calm the waves of bitterness. In reality, the only thing we can tell them is that…. HOLD on. Everything will turn out alright.

Hear this song for …..

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