Look What HAVE you DONE

17 Nov

You have taken the part of me
And left just a part of me
When you took all the best of me.

When are you going to accept what you have lost?
Will it be according to what he becomes when he left you behind?
Or how much you really need the one who left you?

All lessons were learned the hard way. There is no easy way of learning a life’s lesson.
When a man cheats, lies and repeatedly do what he is not supposed to do. Consideration is measured with his presence in any activity of couples. Trust doesn’t play the part in this situation. Because trust one’s broken is very difficult to fix.
When one cannot trust a partner anymore, in everything he/she will do, there is always a marked of suspicion. Where will the relationships end?
The patience of a man or a woman who wronged are put to test everyday of their relationships. So it is vital for those who made mistakes to ensure that he/she really meant sorry for what she/he has done.
The credibility of his/her words are ensured by his presence when he/she is needed. They must endure difficult circumstances of being a suspect from cheating and lies. Complication does arise when one felt he /she has been violated or her partner crossed the line. And who is to blame?
Trust is very vital to a relationships. Honesty makes one heart calm in every colors of life. But when someone bridged that contract and violated one after the other, the solution they think is to be separated. In this case the damages is done to the one who is honest in the relationship. The pain and bitterness was thrust to the victim.
The only thing victims could do is to heal the wound. Time can erase the pain although it can not erase the memory. It will take time before one can truly smile and be happy.
Believe that good things and bad things works together for our own benefits. Everything has a price. Everything will be judged accordingly. So for the victims of cheats and lies, pray and never lose hope.

But listen to this song… It is asking for different ends.
And if this will be your plea… I am hoping for a happy ending.
Bless you all


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2 responses to “Look What HAVE you DONE

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