The Pain of A Broken Heart

15 Nov


The Pain of Broken Heart

It is true. For me. How about you?
In heart break you experienced being loved by the one who hurt you. You have enjoyed the time with him or her. Then, something bad happened in your relationship. Bitterness at the end. Yet, it is more depressing when someone you dearly love and really love think nothing of you. When all the things you hope came crashing down on you. When his/her sweetness you thought is a sign of his/her being dear. When he/she cares and you thought it is a caring from the heart. When his /her hugs you thought is love you truly desired. But then it boils down to an end. You are just a mere friend.
In this kind of relationship, honesty is the most needed prescription. Being honest with each other will avoid heart breaks. It is easy to accept things, be it bad or comeā€¦

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