Move your BUTT off sometimes.

18 Sep



Most of us who uses social media go on FACEBOOK, GOOGLE+ the second they wake up. We spend hours each day compulsively checking our e-mail, Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram, Linked, Gmail, and more. But busy as we might feel, experts say, we’re often not processing much of it; we’re going through the motions- like zombies.

Sometimes it takes a toll on our mood and affects our emotions. So perhaps, it is good to start detoxifying our selves in this exposure. Let us see real friends. Be active in the community. Start giving yourself to those less fortunate. And start repairing your own surroundings.

I know that you know our LIFE is real, our WORLD is real and INTERNET is also real.

Make regular gadget-free plans. Make time practicing beneficial social skills.  Never be afraid or have fear of missing out. It is always there. Right before your eyes. They are just one click away. Take time away from it.

We know, I know. everyone knows. JUST hear me out.

WE need to UNPLUG sometimes.


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2 responses to “Move your BUTT off sometimes.

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