Are You Running OUT of TIME to Have a BABY?

18 Sep


Can’t Stop the Clock
Most important, between 25 and 35 is the ideal age fro pregnancy because your physical ability to conceive is still very high.
“If a woman in her mid 20’s to early 30’s has unprotected sex when she’s ovulating, she has a 30 percent chance of being pregnant by the end of the month,” says Dr. Barbieri.
Those odds are reduced to 20 percent per cycle from your early 30’s to mid- 30’s. That slight dip, however, won’t make getting pregnant noticeably more difficult, experts say. But this next drop certainly will:
Women between ages 37 and 39 have only 15 percent chance of becoming pregnant per cycle. From there, it goes down even more; Once you hit 40, it sinks to 5 percent per cycle, says Dr. Barbieri.
The reason mostly has to do with egg quantity and quality. It’s estimated that you’re born with about 2 million; at 25, you have about 100,000 left. At 30, you have about 50,000. But by 40, you’re down to about 10,000.
Your overall reproductive health also makes a difference. If you maintain your good health even at 40 then perhaps there is a chance of having even one baby.
So, Be healthy and be a good planner.


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