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Playing With PATTERNS

A geometric designs, stripes, floral on your pillows will create a cozy look. Just make sure that it has a similar color scheme and make your couch looking good and not chaotic.

Happy resting time and SIESTA =P

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Move your BUTT off sometimes.



Most of us who uses social media go on FACEBOOK, GOOGLE+ the second they wake up. We spend hours each day compulsively checking our e-mail, Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram, Linked, Gmail, and more. But busy as we might feel, experts say, we’re often not processing much of it; we’re going through the motions- like zombies.

Sometimes it takes a toll on our mood and affects our emotions. So perhaps, it is good to start detoxifying our selves in this exposure. Let us see real friends. Be active in the community. Start giving yourself to those less fortunate. And start repairing your own surroundings.

I know that you know our LIFE is real, our WORLD is real and INTERNET is also real.

Make regular gadget-free plans. Make time practicing beneficial social skills.  Never be afraid or have fear of missing out. It is always there. Right before your eyes. They are just one click away. Take time away from it.

We know, I know. everyone knows. JUST hear me out.

WE need to UNPLUG sometimes.


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Are You Running OUT of TIME to Have a BABY?


Can’t Stop the Clock
Most important, between 25 and 35 is the ideal age fro pregnancy because your physical ability to conceive is still very high.
“If a woman in her mid 20’s to early 30’s has unprotected sex when she’s ovulating, she has a 30 percent chance of being pregnant by the end of the month,” says Dr. Barbieri.
Those odds are reduced to 20 percent per cycle from your early 30’s to mid- 30’s. That slight dip, however, won’t make getting pregnant noticeably more difficult, experts say. But this next drop certainly will:
Women between ages 37 and 39 have only 15 percent chance of becoming pregnant per cycle. From there, it goes down even more; Once you hit 40, it sinks to 5 percent per cycle, says Dr. Barbieri.
The reason mostly has to do with egg quantity and quality. It’s estimated that you’re born with about 2 million; at 25, you have about 100,000 left. At 30, you have about 50,000. But by 40, you’re down to about 10,000.
Your overall reproductive health also makes a difference. If you maintain your good health even at 40 then perhaps there is a chance of having even one baby.
So, Be healthy and be a good planner.


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“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” 
― Dr. Seuss

There is always a reason why bad things happened. A good reason and with a purpose.  Bad things is for you to see great friends stand with you. And you are not entirely alone. It also implies that you made wrong decisions and must be patient. Sometimes we need to return and retrace where we fell over. Do not reason out from different sources. Or try to make excuses. Just accept things must happened for your own benefit. Truth hurts. But if  you learn to accept everything it will come out good.  Try to learn a lesson every minute and seconds of your day. Before the day comes to an end,  you will see more blessings.

Smile. Life is simple don’t make it complex.


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When You’re down and troubled…


Sometimes due to our problems, we feel friends are not there to help us. In our darkest hour and desperate moments,  we seek people whom we know and simply they are not there. It is time to think maybe we are calling wrong person at that time. Feel free to call stranger that you might never know but guess what sometimes the simple thought of just calling someone, strangers and not even someone close to you might help. It happens.

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Inside HIS head..



     He isn’t being an unsympathetic jerk. Atleast not intentionally, says cognitive psychologist Mara Mather, PhD. she recently conducted a study at the University of Southern California that found that when men are stressed, they have decreased activity in the brain regions responsible for understanding others’ feelings. Basically they don’t pick up that you feel blown off when they retreat. As a result, they stink at relating to people during this time and want to be left alone. Hmmmmmm. YUP, he did…

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On Q”


What’s the difference between hypoallergenic and non comedogenic?

     If a product is labeled hypoallergenic, it’s unlikely to trigger an allergy,” says NYC derm Francesca Fusco, so ti’s ideal for sensitive skin. Noncomedogenic means the formula won’t cause pimples (and is different from all-free products, which could have breakout-causing thing like lauryl alcohol or oleic acid). Everyone, not just acne-prone people, should use non comedogenic items to steer clear of spots.



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