Do you need to trick a fool one?

14 Nov

“Because you can’t argue with all the fools in the world. It’s easier to let them have their way, then trick them when they’re not paying attention.”
― Christopher Paolini

According to Solomon A fool man’s character are;

1. They dwell on foolishness.

2. They hate knowledge.

3. They cannot understand wisdom easily.

4. They are incorrigible

5. Correction drives them nuts.

6. They destroy themselves.

7. They are destructive.

8. Their lips enter into contention

9. They make their parents sorrowful.

10. They lie and slanderous.

These are only a few of Solomon’s written word about fools. Is tricking them and making a fool out of you will make them amenable in what you want?

Perhaps the answer is YES, MAYBE or who cares.

The tricky part is when a foolish man fooled you. This happen when you go around the bush, chasing him to his wants and making yourself a fool to have him listen to you. And then you will find out that he is making a fool out of you. GRRRRRRRRRRR…

Perhaps just whipped him till it hurts. HA HA….

or LEAVE  ’em alone till they rot…

or care enough to tell the truth even if they will not understand, not listen, not give a damn. At least you have done your part in making him understand.

I think you can only trick them when you are 10 steps ahead of them. A well planned good concept in which they can learn and accept new things without their knowledge. Going around the bush won’t help them. Or waiting them when they are not looking or in attentive.

What makes them even foolish is thinking they are the most intelligent than the rest.

Think of easy and nice way ahead. Palatable to their taste and comprehension. Go to their level of thinking. I believe that   we are not born fool or to be fooled. What makes them to be, is their misconception about the life going around them. The scary part is it becomes them and not just a part of them.

Do not lie, this people are used to it. Be honest and sincere enough but not to the extent that they know what you are thinking.

Plainly to say…Plan ahead of time. Foolish doesn’t carry a planner on their sleeves. And that is how wide the barrier between us and them.


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4 responses to “Do you need to trick a fool one?

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    November 30, 2012 at 6:01 am

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