Using Synonyms

13 Nov


 A synonym is a word that means exactly or nearly the same as another word. 

Study the examples below.

give – offer                          expose – reveal                       jump – leap              laugh – giggle


Activity 1:

Choose the synonym of the italicized word in each sentence. 

1. My little brother is a very sociable child. He loves to play with almost all the children in the neighborhood.

a. friendly          b. unfriendly               c. indifferent

2. Earthworms burrow into the soil and make it more fertile.

a. lend              b. open                       c. dig

3. The soldiers betrayed their captain. They turned out to be the captain’s enemies.

a. hugged          b. went against           c. run-over

4. Our books are cheap when we first bought them.

a. inexpensive     b. extraordinary     c. special

5. A termite fills his tunnel with his frass in part to keep out his enemies.

a. body             b. oil                       c. waste




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