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Is it Common?

“Common sense is not so common.”
― VoltaireA Pocket Philosophical Dictionary

I agree with Voltaire. In such a way not every one is talented

Webster dictionary describes it my having a sound judgement based on correct perception of a facts.

I think that it is an ability to make the most of the situation before you act. They plan and then acted upon it. They are straightforward. With common sense they come out a simple answer for complex questions. People with lots of common sense are happy to be with. Because they see everything around them. They are very observant. Come to think of it. do you have what it takes.


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“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” 
― George Carlin

      One of my students is crying one morning. Her eyes are fluffy and very swollen. So after the class I called her and asked her if there is some body who hurt her. She told me her story. She said that night her parents quarreled and both were shouting at top of their voices. This girl of mine is the only child of the parents. Her mother is a business woman and own a shops on a flea market. The father is an electrician. So I am telling this because the problem doesn’t lie on financial. First of all their daughter is in the public school. Then she is the only child in the family. So where did the problem begin?

As I console her, I found out that her daddy has an affair. And the hope of the child is to make the family happily together. The irony of what happened is when the child said.

“Why is it if children fight, we are grounded if not for 24 hours, a week. Can I ground my parents?

Funny question but true.

I can’t tell her what happened to my marriage. Cause my husband abandoned my children and I. But I am quiet about it.  The only thing I   told her is that I understand her situation. Sometimes we cannot settle the differences and yet we are all walking on the face of the earth. Mind is very complex. And all the hindrances is inside it. I hope that we learn to settle our differences.

I accepted what my husband laid upon me. As he has another family of his own. I am happy with my children. Perhaps someday…In God’s will…


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The Battle

The Battle between good and bad.
Is the battle we face everyday
It is not found only on your way
But it is inside of you in anyway…

How glad people can win..
The battle itself within
Not to or do it which in
Any case you choose at will

Perhaps the foe we know not
Is the enemy inside of us
Fight the laziness on top
Or begin the day a prompt.

What makes it hard to perceive
Is when you know which one is good.
The wicked flesh can be denied
Yet the other side we go instead…

Understand the foe at hand
In which a battle must be won
Good and bad in our hearts
Choose the one we won’t regret..


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Time will come….all wounds will heal. Nothing will be left but the lessons learned.

Separation breaks the heart of my children and me. What makes it harder is when your kids cannot accept the whys and cause. Nothing in the world can ease the pain when the pain is from someone you respected and adored before.
God knows how much sacrifices i did to make up for the loses. But then the loses is too great for me to cover. The misdeeds done were guaranteed wreckage to my children and me. A family at the very start was given promises to be well and good ended in a disastrous manner. Much more, is when they brutally showed their treachery. I need to change and begin with another profile just to let go of what ever it is. I have given them the chance of  life. Then they return the wickedness of the earth.
For those people whose family is still intact, take care of it. Nothing can be compared for a whole one to a broken one. Even if we can buy to replace one after the other, it still be different. But I believe, no matter how big or huge the lose is. It will always be in our advantage to face tomorrow and begin again. Replenish what is gone, dissolve what is bitter and be thankful enough to live and breathe again. There is always a reason for all of this.
Believe and Live. God is always in the heart of those who believe.


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Do you need to trick a fool one?

“Because you can’t argue with all the fools in the world. It’s easier to let them have their way, then trick them when they’re not paying attention.”
― Christopher Paolini

According to Solomon A fool man’s character are;

1. They dwell on foolishness.

2. They hate knowledge.

3. They cannot understand wisdom easily.

4. They are incorrigible

5. Correction drives them nuts.

6. They destroy themselves.

7. They are destructive.

8. Their lips enter into contention

9. They make their parents sorrowful.

10. They lie and slanderous.

These are only a few of Solomon’s written word about fools. Is tricking them and making a fool out of you will make them amenable in what you want?

Perhaps the answer is YES, MAYBE or who cares.

The tricky part is when a foolish man fooled you. This happen when you go around the bush, chasing him to his wants and making yourself a fool to have him listen to you. And then you will find out that he is making a fool out of you. GRRRRRRRRRRR…

Perhaps just whipped him till it hurts. HA HA….

or LEAVE  ’em alone till they rot…

or care enough to tell the truth even if they will not understand, not listen, not give a damn. At least you have done your part in making him understand.

I think you can only trick them when you are 10 steps ahead of them. A well planned good concept in which they can learn and accept new things without their knowledge. Going around the bush won’t help them. Or waiting them when they are not looking or in attentive.

What makes them even foolish is thinking they are the most intelligent than the rest.

Think of easy and nice way ahead. Palatable to their taste and comprehension. Go to their level of thinking. I believe that   we are not born fool or to be fooled. What makes them to be, is their misconception about the life going around them. The scary part is it becomes them and not just a part of them.

Do not lie, this people are used to it. Be honest and sincere enough but not to the extent that they know what you are thinking.

Plainly to say…Plan ahead of time. Foolish doesn’t carry a planner on their sleeves. And that is how wide the barrier between us and them.


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Using Synonyms


 A synonym is a word that means exactly or nearly the same as another word. 

Study the examples below.

give – offer                          expose – reveal                       jump – leap              laugh – giggle


Activity 1:

Choose the synonym of the italicized word in each sentence. 

1. My little brother is a very sociable child. He loves to play with almost all the children in the neighborhood.

a. friendly          b. unfriendly               c. indifferent

2. Earthworms burrow into the soil and make it more fertile.

a. lend              b. open                       c. dig

3. The soldiers betrayed their captain. They turned out to be the captain’s enemies.

a. hugged          b. went against           c. run-over

4. Our books are cheap when we first bought them.

a. inexpensive     b. extraordinary     c. special

5. A termite fills his tunnel with his frass in part to keep out his enemies.

a. body             b. oil                       c. waste




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When will you stop chasing your dream?

I’m sick of following my dreams. I’m just going to ask them where they’re going and hook up with them later.

Mitch Hedberg (1968 – 2005)Mitch All Together

This kind of person are found mostly in streets lying around with no food and shelter. Dead people are far better than this kind cause there are people who died for a purpose. And they died ending their cause.

You end up dreaming or pursuing your dream when;

1. Your dream is impossible.

2. You began to feel hopeless.

3. You are busy with what you have for now and accepting the fact that you cannot attain that dream of yours.

How about you, When will you do this?


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