I don’t think so…

01 Apr

TV is chewing gum for the eyes.

Frank Lloyd Wright (1869 – 1959)

The benefit we have from chewing gum is different from watching TV.  Most likely the effects of watching TV doesn’t have the same effect on chewing a gum.

Each one of us is unique. And we might have different connotation about chewing gum.Chewing a gum might provide us a number of good things such as improving memory, stress reduction, increase focus, alertness and concentration. It may improve oral health.

How does a chewing gum improves or enhance memory and cognitive powers.?

When we are relaxed, our thinking is different. We are able to solve problems and face hazard in a relax manner. Research  also said that when our jaw is moving from chewing a gum the activity of our brain increases. The glucose level increased which is body and mind fuel.

Watching TV is different thing. It enables us to see the world, other cultures. But is also good when you are watching with your love ones. It makes bonding greater. Don’t mention how they change from channels to channels.

So i don’t think that television is a chewing gum to my eyes. It has different effects on me. But maybe I may say TV is a window to the outside world. Where I could travel while sitting on my favorite chair. Understanding what is happenig to our humanity now a day. And visualizing from possible to fairy tales.

Most certainly maybe if you  need to relax and just wanted to stow away the hours of working. Yeah sit back and relax. My TV is on my favorite channel.

But still……

TV is not a chewing gum to my eye. It doesn’t add up.



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