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The Respiratory System

Main Parts and Functions of the Respiratory System

Do you know which is your respiratory system? Can you identify the parts of your respiratory system? Here are some clues.

The respiratory system is composed of organs concerned with exchange of gases between the body and environment. The two main jobs of the respiratory system are;

1. To provide the body with oxygen. (The cells of the body need oxygen to break down and to release the energy in food)

2. To remove carbon dioxide from the body. (During the breathing process, carbon dioxide forms as a gaseous waste product.)

Now, based on the respiratory functions, try to identify the parts of the respiratory system of humans. Look at the diagram.

Shown here are the face and the chest of a person, with the lungs. Do you wonder why?

The human respiratory system is composed of the upper and lower respiratory organs.

The upper respiratory organs start with the nose and the mouth. it is combined with the sensory organs of smell and taste. The nasal cavity, the mouth and the oral cavity, and the pharynx are part of the upper respiratory system.

The lower respiratory organs or major organs are the bronchi and the lungs. (Bronchi is the plural form of bronchus).


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Main Parts and Functions of the Upper Respiratory System

The upper respiratory tract or system consists of the following organs; the nose, pharynx, larynx, and trachea.

1. Nose and Pharynx  The nose contains the paired nasal cavities through which the air passes on its way to and from the pharynx. The pharynx is the upper part of the throat. It connects the nose and the mouth to the larynx or voice-box. The air is warmed in the nasal cavities.

The nasal cavities are lined by the hairy mucous membrane which traps paricles and other foreign bodies in the inhaled air. The trapped particles are wafted to the pharnx where they can be removed or eliminated by blowing the nose and by coughing and spitting out.

2. Larynx and Trachea   After going through the pharynx, the air goes to the voice box or larynx which is the narrowest part of the respiratory system. Then the air goes to the wind pipe or trachea. The trachea is a tube composed of incomplete cartilage rings. It is located in the middle of the neck, going to the chest. At the entrance of the chest, the trachea brances into two chief bronchial tubes or bronchi.


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Sometimes it suprises everyone…

There are things not visible to our naked eyes. And worth remembering…


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When your good is not enough….

Sometimes stepping aside is the best thing to do. Don’t have to pursue things in which they lack interest except when people give up because they can’t do it. Proper motivation is the best answer to this kind of person. Buf for those that they don’t care what ever the result it, good or bad, they just seem not to care or careless. We need to drop them. It is not our lost it is theirs. We care to much for the good end result in which those we care will benefit for it. I think trying hard enough to say HELLO this is for you…and that person never really care. Time to put an end…

Time will occur in their own desperation, they should have taken what we are offering..

At this time of their hours never give up on them even if they turn their back on you. You will be counted as true friend. For certain everything will come back to you.


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I don’t believe in this….do you?

This i will not believe. The wrong choice do come up at times of desperation. And then too late to make it right.

There are times when it persist at times you need them most. So be serious about your decision it is your life. Handle it with care.


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Where else taxes came from…..aside from you?


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Why do They keep on recurring…


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