Practical Way of Building your Health

09 Dec

1. Be happy specially when eating. Don’t eat when you are angry, sad, disappointed or feel bad. Eat only when you are glad.

2. Eat enough and simple. A very good combination. Both compliment each other for good digestion.

3. The filing of many types of dishes in a diner is bad.   If  animals lived in simplicity and fewer types of food only, so is the man. Do not eat excessive food type dining, Instead feel free to eat the food one serving at a time so that you will enjoy eating.

4. Chew your food well and avoid starchy food. Eat food that needs to be chewed.

5. Have a regular time of meal. It is better to take your meal with time duration of 5 hours in between each meal.

6. Eat 3 times a day, but if your work doesn’t need hard labor meaning clerical jobs or desk type of job, eat twice daily. 

7. Eat light food at dinner. Sleep when the food is already digested. It will help our body to cure and heal other parts of our body rather than concentrate in digestion.

8. Fruits and vegetables should not be eaten together at a time because fruits and vegetables are not good combination.

9. Acidity happened when eating food with sugar and milk. I advice you to avoid this kind of food.

10. Too much use of white sugar and sweet jelly are the usual cause of phlegm and runny nose, refrain yourself from this kind of food.


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2 responses to “Practical Way of Building your Health

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